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Much Ado About Picnic

Today I was planning on having a small little poetry picnic, when it hit me...  Let's do Shakespeare!
I think one of the important things is to not worry too much, especially at this time of year when everything is coming to a close in most people's homeschools.  Spending time outside doing group lessons and projects are a great way to make it through the homestretch.

As Lucy helped me set up plates and I put the finishing touches on some deviled eggs, I still didn't even know what shakespeare play we were going to look at!

Awhile ago I picked up Shakespeare - A 16 Book Children's Story Collection Set .  I had let the kids browse through them, and honestly, the 2 year old carried them around for a week or two.  But I hadn't really dived into them yet.  One of my favorite Shakespeare plays is Much Ado About Nothing, as while most versions on film that I have seen are NOT for children, this book was a delight.

It took occasional stopping and trying to explain exact…

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