A Homeschool Mom's Prayer

Jesus, You know how hard this last year has been.  I tried so hard and fought so long but the burnout was too strong.  You know the last years have been challenging, but this last year was nearly impossible.  The trials were often too hard to bear.

But You were always there, Lord.  I was broken and I fought You at every turn.  I longed to know Your will yet I refused to give You control.

Lord, I give You our homeschool.  I lay it down at Your feet to do with it as You will.  Help me, your servant, to accept Your call.  Fortify our resolve and be the very cornerstone of our strength.  Let Your love guide us to a better understanding of Your world and Your call for our lives.

When the trails get hard and we feel like giving up, help us to feel You there beside us.  Please, in Your great mercy, help us to not feel alone on this journey.

Jesus, help me to let go and let You work.  Open our heats and minds as we embark on this adventure with you our great Commander.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for us.

Our Lady of Fatima, patroness of our homeschool, pray for us.


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