Our Tadpole Misadventure

I shared awhile back about getting some tadpoles at Buncom Days this last May.  Little did we know what an adventure that was going to be!

We had tried the tadpole thing before, ordering them in the mail, and it had a very sad ending.  Our tadpole did not live very long.  This time however, our tadpoles were very healthy.

So healthy that by the next day they had legs and were trying to escape out of their container!!  So much for a long leisurely study, eh?

So we piled everyone up in the van and headed up to a place to set them free.  It was a gorgeous day, the sky was blue, the air smelled sweet, and the creek was cool and shallow, perfect to play in.

We sat on a little tiny bridge over the creek and sketched our little friends in ur nature journals and then set them free.  We figured we would have a long lovely day playing, and of course, falling into the creek.

The older kids took off on a bit of an adventure and called for me to join them.  As I was ducking under and holding back branches, I looked back to make sure little Eva was not following me.  I turned back and the branches snapped out of my grip and smacked me.  Straight in the EYE.

You know that feeling, when you are like, well maybe it isn't that bad and then you see everyone else look at you and you know... it is THAT bad.

So we hiked back down the hill, piled in the car and I went to urgent care where I was told... and if you ave a squeamish nature look away while I tell you this... the doctor told me he was going to take a needle to my eye.

Yeah, I was not about to let him near my eye.  So we were sent to an eye specialist and I let him do unmentionable and terrible things to my eye as I watched Tony squirm in the background.  I am fine now, all healed and good to go.  But I will wear sunglasses from now on when weeded my way through thick brush.

I hope those tadpoles are happy.

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