Buncom Days 2017

This summer, since we are stuck close to home, we are trying to find fun adventures here in our neck of the woods.  

One great little gems here in Southern Oregon is the annual Buncom Days Event.  It is very small, but always a treat.  The purpose is to help maintain this small little ghost town in the hills.  There are always wonderful vendors, music, and food.  The Mercantile is open, it is really just a neat little garage sale, and a library filled with used books.

They also have a hysterical contest called the Chicken Splat, where you buy a square on the bottom of a chicken's cage.  If the chicken "splats" on your square you win half the money.  This is often the most favorite among my children, of course.  I mean who wouldn't want to spend an hour waiting for a chicken to splat?

There was also a woman there, this year, doing lace work.  I found this utterly fascinating.  It was so intricate and beautiful!

The kids also got a very special something there... 

I'll share with you all the fun that ensued the next day, thanks to these little tadpoles soon.

It really was a fun morning and a great reminder that adventures don't have to be too far from home.

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