Wildflower Hike

We are all about nature study these days, getting outside, and enjoying whatever weather presents itself.  I am refusing to let any drizzle stop us either!

We went for a wildflower hike with some other homeschool friends of ours and had a marvelous walk along the trails in Jacksonville, a tiny historic mining town here in southern Oregon.

I have often wanted to walk this hike in each season to try and see the changes, especially in the small creek that flows through these woods.  In only a few more months it will certainly be dry and a completely different.

Top Left: Columbine    Top Right: Blue Eyes Mary
Bottom Left: Wake Robin    Bottom Right: Henderson's Triteleia

Klammath Weed

Pussy Ears

I think this is some sort of Oak Tree gall.  If you know what it is, let me know in the comments!

We are really enjoying our adventures lately and getting out into the fresh air.  I used to always worry about going out in damp weather, but this was truly worth it and the few drizzles that came were hardly worth noticing.

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