Much Ado About Picnic

Today I was planning on having a small little poetry picnic, when it hit me... 
Let's do Shakespeare!

I think one of the important things is to not worry too much, especially at this time of year when everything is coming to a close in most people's homeschools.  Spending time outside doing group lessons and projects are a great way to make it through the homestretch.

As Lucy helped me set up plates and I put the finishing touches on some deviled eggs, I still didn't even know what shakespeare play we were going to look at!

Awhile ago I picked up Shakespeare - A 16 Book Children's Story Collection Set .  I had let the kids browse through them, and honestly, the 2 year old carried them around for a week or two.  But I hadn't really dived into them yet.  One of my favorite Shakespeare plays is Much Ado About Nothing, as while most versions on film that I have seen are NOT for children, this book was a delight.

It took occasional stopping and trying to explain exactly what was going on, after all there are a lot of characters in Much Ado with similar names!

After we finished the book, I looked up a few scenes on You Tube.  The most important thing one must remember when studying Shakespeare, is that it was not meant to be read.  It was meant to be seen.  Any study is worthless without seeing it preformed.

I have been dying to see some of the David Tennant and Catherine Tate version and was so excited to see some clips.  I know I will go back and look at more later.  We watched the scene in which Benedick is tricked by his friends into thinking Beatirce is madly in love with him.

After we watched the videos we then broke out our Shakespeare books and drew a scene from the play.

It was a lovely afternoon and proof that great lessons don't always need to be planned!  I have found that I can actually work something up so much in planning, or what I imagine it should look like, that it never actually takes place.  Which is exactly what always happened with our Shakespeare studies.  I love Shakespeare so much that I was often scared of tackling it with the kids.

If there is something you have been wanting to tackle in your homeschool, go for it!  Don't let grand ideas and the quest for perfect plans stop you. If you plan too much or wait too long, the opportunity will be gone.

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