Knitting and Reading in May

I thought I would pop on and share with you guys and Nicole what has been on my needles and what has been on my nightstand.

I am currently reading a few things, but mostly I am have been reaching for Catherine Levison's book More Charlotte Mason Education.  I had ordered it from the library but I knew I needed my own copy.  I recommend it highly as well as her first book A Charlotte Mason Education.

I have been trying to read about Charlotte Mason lately...  trying to see where our grove may be.  I always flip flop between unschooling and CM.  Since May is always my worst my month as far as motivation and inspiration, I figured a bit of CM might help me narrow our path for our educational future.  The more I read the more convinced I become that unschooling might just be the path we need to follow and one we have been fighting for years.  I adore Charlotte Mason and pretty much everything she has to say about education.  In her book Levison discusses a bit of unschooling as well and I can't help but think many, maybe not all, of her ideas are right up our alley.

As for my knitting, if you follow me on Instagram you have seen a lot of these projects.  I am taking a break from my blanket and another pair of plain vanilla socks to work mostly on my Find Your Fade Shawl and these wonderful Strawberry Field Socks.

The Fade is almost done.  I am on the lace section of the second to last color.  It is starting to feel like I HAVE TO FINISH THIS.  Like the little engine that could, I'm getting there!

These socks!  Oh my.  If you have never knit with Amber's yarn from Maker's Haven, you need to!  I absolutely love her yarn and her colors are right up my alley.  Hey and she is a homeschool mom!  She has her Strawberry Fields Sock pattern up free on Ravelry now, and it is a great knit.  It is my first time knitting toe up and my first time doing a fish lips kiss heel, which is my new absolute favorite heel.

And speaking of Amber's yarn, look what I got for Mother's Day!  I got two beautiful skeins and she sent along a lovely progress keeper too!  I received some beautiful roses, Wild + Free's Nature Journal book (which is AMAZING!!!), and a pedicure!  I was very happily spoiled.  I hope you all had a very love filled Mother's Day!


  1. Charlotte Mason all the way for us. I did it for 30 years. Unschooling leaves too many options for nothing hsppening. Love, love love your shawl. Delightful colours.

    1. I agree. The more and more I study about methods, I find CM is the one that makes the most sense! Did you use any of the pre-written programs or did you make up your own?

  2. I really love so many things about CM but I seem to have a hard time implementing some of her ideas. I feel like I need something laid out for me or I don't do it. I have that CM book, it's very good. I haven't read it in years, I should get it out again! Love your new blog and it's nice to "meet" you. I'm WiscKnitter on Ravelry. I just requested to follow you on Instagram.

    1. That is my feeling too! I am looking into the Beautiful Feet Books and seeing if maybe that will work for us. It looks wonderful!


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