Ben's First Communion

I love First Communion.  I love these young, bright faces, a little scared and little excited about to take part at the Table.  They have been waiting for so long to be able to take communion, to receive Jesus, and finally that day comes!  

Ben was so sweet.  As the week progressed, he kept expressing his excitement, but on the day of, he declared he was not excited.  And he got pretty sick of mama gushing over how handsome he was and all the picture taking.  But I mean!  Come on... look at him:

In typical fashion for our family, I asked if Ben fit into Liam's old First Communion suit.  I was told yes, and like a ninny, I didn't ask to see for myself until the Monday before.  Yeah, he was swimming in it.  Have I told you how much I love Amazon Prime?  So I hoped on and ordered him everything, right down to some fancy Wing-Tip Oxford shoes.

He was, also, very happy to see his godmother, Jessica, who came with her youngest two while the rest of her clan were off on an adventure golfing at the regionals.

Unfortunately Lucy woke up with a fever, so we had a small celebration, but he was over the moon happy and so were we.  

So proud of all his work this year and the
love that emanates from this boy like bursts of sunlight.

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