A Stop by the Pacific

After our adventure in the Redwoods, we had to stop for a moment on the Oregon Coast.  Sailing into Oregon, the first thing you see, of course, is a recreational marijuana place with a large and proud sign that reads "WEED."  Yeah, welcome to Oregon.  Keep heading up 101 and soon you will come to the small and lovely coastal town of Brookings.

We grabbed a much needed coffee and hot cocoa at Starbucks and then headed to one of our favorite places, Harris Beach.  We only spent a few minutes out on the sand as we were exhausted after getting lost and hiking much longer than we planned.  We were covered in mud and thought we might as well enjoy some sand too.

Some people had already built an amazing little shelter, which Theo loved.  The kids found some really cool rocks and one lovely muscle shell.  Sadly the tide was high and there was not much beach to explore.  But it was getting late and it was time to head home anyway.

Plans have already been made to go back next month.

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