Leaf School

The other day we decided to go for a nature walk around our neighborhood.  We took along a reusable grocery bag, slung it over the handle of the stroller, and set off to collect leaves.  We looked for as many interesting and pretty leaves we could find and came home with a bag full, from just walking around our neighborhood.

We laid them out on the table, broke out our nature journals, and started to work.  Some kids wrote about the walk, the weather, the leaves.  Others just happily did leaf rubbings.  Ok, we ALL did leaf rubbings.  Even me!  They are fun!

As we were working I remembered a bag full of wax I had in my craft cabinet.  I think I had some plan to make candles once upon a time.  I had recalled hearing about people dipping leaves in wax to preserve them.  So I did a quick search online and found that, of course, Martha Stewart had a tutorial on just this thing.  Now we did not have clothespins and I wasn't about to sew a string on all the leaves... I was trying to be creative here, but doing so with six kids all by myself, I wan't going to go overboard.  So I simply laid the leaves out on aluminum foil, thinking that this would keep them from sticking.

We really had a lot of fun doing this.  The kids picked out their favorite leaves and I dipped them.  We arranged them just so and took the rest of the leaves, because we had, oh I don't know, maybe, a thousand, and arranged them on top of the piano.

When I went back to check on the leaves, I quickly understood why Martha suggested the clothespins.  The wax kind of collected in pools on the leaves.  That is why Martha is Martha and I am me... not Martha.

I then, finding three clothespins, thought I would take a hairdryer and soften the wax on a few and then try to hang those.

Yeah, that didn't work either.

And then after a few days the wax just kind of broke off the leaves and I threw them away.

But it was not a fail.  really, it wasn't!  We had so much fun doing it.  And really, how many times in your life are you going to take a hairdryer to waxy leaves?  These are the things that come once in a lifetime people.  Once.

Seriously though, this was probably one of the most memorable things we did so far this year.  And I got some great pictures to remember it all!

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  1. Love days like that and glad you had one and were able to document it and remember it fondly!!


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