I Have a Task For You

Celebrating Saint Lucy's Day...
5 days late.
Hey, guys, how are you all doing?  Seriously?  This is one of the most stressful times of the year.  Let's be honest about that.  We are all running in a million different directions and if you don't believe me, try to drive anywhere!

This time of year can be overwhelming and I am often surprised by how many unhappy and even angry people are out there in the streets.  Only a few times this season have I heard, "Merry Christmas."  I have not heard one "Happy Holidays."  Let's not get all wound up about the political correctness of each statement.  Let us look at the fact that there is simply very little seasonal cheer this year.

So I want to give everyone a task today. You are overwhelmed, I know.  Me too.  I could give you a long list of all the projects yet undone and all the things we didn't do at all.  I am sure you have your list too.  But let's forget the list, for just an hour.  Do something totally for you today.  This is not to stress you out.  Just take a moment today to knit, read, or hey, take a nap!  Slip some egg nog in your coffee, I won't tell.  And then take a moment to remember what this season is all about.

Advent is a time of hope, love, joy, and peace.  Give that to yourself today.  And then, only then, you can give it to others.  Feed yourself some of the blessings of the season.  And when you are done make sure you greet everyone you meet with a smile and a sincere, "Merry Christmas!  Happy Holidays!"

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