Christmas Knitting

Crafting along with Nicole at Frontier Dreams and Ginny at Small Things today to share with you what I have been working on!

Bon Bon Toque by Tin Can Knits
Christmas is right around the corner and every year I try to do something handmade for everyone in the family.  That is 10 people.  I am crazy.  So far I only have three things done and I have some injury in my right arm that I am afraid might put a halt to my knitting and crochet endeavors.

Precipitation by Tin Can Knits

This means I may not be able to make something for everyone this year.  I am really depressed about this.  So I am going to just have to scour Pinterest and see if I can find something to make that won't require my right arm?  Yeah... we will see.

Some Cloudy Day by Tiny Owl Knits
Anyway!  So far I have finished three things, 2 hats and one pair of leg warmers.  I can't tell you, of course, who they are for.  You will just have to wait till after Christmas for the modeling sessions.

As for reading, I am deep into Julie Bogart's Writing Jungle.  Have you read this???  Oh my goodness, this woman is AMAZING!  I am so inspired by her and all her wonderful work.  I asked my kid's to get me any of her A Gracious Space series.  If you haven't checked out Brave Writer you need to.  NOW.  I will wait...  See!  She is amazing.  Check out her You Tube videos.  I have been watching them every morning I can before the kids get up.  Great stuff!

Welcome back!  As for fiction I am attempting The American Heiress.  I have to admit that after the main character paid her maid to kiss her so she would know what it was like, they lost me.  I haven't really picked it up since, but I really ought to give it more of a try... I guess.  I need some fiction escape right now.

Ok, I need to stop blogging now and get back to knitting.  I really should go to the doctor... but they will tell me to stop knitting... ugh.

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