May Day in the Highlands

A couple years ago my family headed out to enjoy the Elk Mountain Highland Games.  I think I was heavily pregnant, or something, so I chose to stay at home while Tony bravely set forth for the hills with our younger crew in tow.

This year I got to go!  It was so much fun.  There was a great park in the middle of the festivities and the kids loved that.  One of our favorite places was the SCA set up.  They had all sorts of weapons and accoutrement to try on.  Liam enjoyed this immensely.  

Look at his face!

 They had lots of vendors set up with everything from kilts (of course!) to fairy houses.

 My favorite was of course the one with the lady spinning yarn.

Look at my wee little future knitter...

There were lots of pretty little fairies running around too. 

 They had lots of little crafts and games for the kids, a nice little set up for food (not a haggis to be seen, I am sad to report), and a traditional competition, which we sadly missed!  I was wanting to see some cabers tossed!  We also missed the maypole dance as that was to be on Sunday and we could only make it on Saturday.

We had a great time and even met with some friends up there, which made the playground even more fun.  

On Sunday crowned Mary at church and at home with one of the bracelets the girls made at the Highland Festival.

The church gave all the little girls rose headbands and then we processed to the church singing a Marian hymn.

They even gave the kids flowers to give to Mary.

It was a full and glorious weekend!

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