Our Family Valentines

I am not a huge Valentine's Day kind of gal.  I know, crazy right?  And it falling on a Sunday really threw me this year!  But there is one thing that we have done the last two years that I could just not miss.  This is a special kind of Valentine gift that we can give each other that will always mean more that chocolate... and I LOVE chocolate!

It is so crazy simple and honestly it is something that all the kids treasure from the youngest to the oldest.  Well, ok, maybe Eva doesn't appreciate it, but she will.

I cut out little hearts and put everyone's names on them.  Then all of us take a turn and write something we love about that person on the heart.  On the back I put the date.

When everyone is done we pass them around.  I had thought about reading them aloud, but just letting the person read those words of love from their family on their own is far more powerful and people can be honest about the things without worrying about being embarrassed.  It is all anonymous, though, you can tell usually by the handwriting.

I, of course help the little ones to write their valentine notes and read them theirs. 

I really wanted to share this very sweet and simple way to truly show everyone in your family just how special they are!

Hope your Valentine's was full of true and happy love!

God bless!

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