Saint Martin Lanterns

In all my 21 years of mothering and 23 years as a Catholic, I have never made a St. Martin Lantern.  I know.  It is shameful.  And now that I know how stinking easy they are, I feel like a big party pooper for not having done it with the big girls.  I guess they now have something to tell Oprah.

Anyway, I am here to tell you they are easy and super fun!  I sent, once again, my trusty partner in crime and spouse extraordinaire, Tony, to the store to buy me some cheap mason jars and colored tissue paper for an art project.  I did get a call asking me to explain what kind of tissue paper and it made a lot more sense when I explained that it was gift wrapping kind.
He thought so, but wanted to make sure.

We used little pint size jars and so it went really quickly.  And instead of cutting the paper, I gave each kid a sheet and told them to rip away!  We actually had more than enough!

We painted on some Mod Podge, stuck the papers on it and then put more Mod Podge along the outside.

That was it.

And not only did we end up with cool little lanterns, I also got my table resealed.  So if you have a nice table, unlike mine (future project), you will want to lay something down.

Now, I didn't think about how I could not get to the floral wire I have in a closet in the homeschool room, because we are currently getting the floor tiled...

You know you wanted to see

Or I would have used that to wrap around the top and create a handle so that they could be carried on the end of a stick.  But I think they look great anyway!  Maybe next year.  Hmmm, I say that a lot.  Maybe that is why it took me 21 years to make these in the first place?

St. Martin of Tours, pray for us!

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