{P,H,F,R}: A Morning in Lithia Park

We got a wonderful chance to meet up with a fellow homeschooling family yesterday and play at the park in Ashland.  It was a lovely morning, considering we have been having off and on smoke due to all the forest fires.  We had planned on going for a bit of a hike, so I only brought three of the kids, but that turned into more of a jaunt about town.


There were so many beautiful trees and flowers blooming all over the place.  The kids got bored with me trying to take pictures of them though...


They were very happy to go to the park, however, and play on the playground and sitting by the creek.  There was no playing in it though, as the bacteria levels were high.


We were looking for a trail to hike when we found that the door to the Elizabethan theater at the OSF was open!  They were preparing for the night's showing of Anthony and Cleopatra.

 It was a great adventure and the kids had a blast!

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  1. I love that {funny} photo. Ah, the freshness and glow in children's smiles!


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