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It started a few weeks ago.  I was thinking about school starting and since I have been obsessively trying to figure out what I am going to do, I decided I needed something to light a fire beneath me.  I needed some inspiration.  So I started reading everything I could on school stuff. 

Wow, what a mistake that was.

A lot of these books, tend to also give you a bunch of parenting advice.  Have you noticed that?  So then, not only was I worrying about what we were going to do for school and pulling out my credit card wondering if I should use it to buy the very next best thing in homeschooling curriculum that I read about on some blog somewhere... Where as I going?  Oh yeah... so not only was I worrying about schooling my kids, suddenly I was worried that maybe I wasn't parenting them right either.

I have been doing this parenting thing for almost 21 years now.  You would think I would know what I am doing.  And sure, I have learned quite a few lessons in those decades (D. E. C. A. D. E. S...  I think I just sprouted another gray hair there).  But don't let anyone fool you, no one has this gig down.  No matter how many blog posts or books you read by people who claim to be experts, they are no more prepared than the rest of us.

So I grabbed those books and shoved them under my bed.  Inspiration is good and all, but sometimes self-help books should just be called self-doubting books. 

I think one of the hardest things about being a homeschooler is that we want to do it all.  We want the very best for our family and that can get really overwhelming. We ponder and go into debt thinking, "If only I can find the perfect curriculum! Then my kids will love learning, love God, get into the very best college (on a full ride scholarship), and never ever ever have to suffer."

Wouldn't that be great?

It doesn't matter what curriculum you use or style of homeschooling.  Our kids will make mistakes.  They may always hate math and only want to read comic books.  They may question the faith, refuse to listen to your advice, and will most likely get their heart broken more than once.  The only thing we can do, for sure, is to be there.

And that is the best thing about homeschooling, no matter if you are a Classical, Mason, Waldorf, Traditional or whatever homeschooler, we can be there.  Life will never be free and easy.  Everyone has bumps in the road.  And if you use a workbook to teach your kid grammar... don't worry, I won't tell.

Praying for you all to have a beautiful homeschooling year!  Please pray for me too!


  1. Good post. It always helps to remember that God gave them free will, too, and they're going to use it! We're not responsible for perfection, just doing our best and God's will in the moment. I struggle with keeping up the momentum with the younger ones, and adapting to the changes in the world that I didn't have to deal with with the first ones.

    Have a good year!

  2. Oh so true. I'm struggling this year -- not knowing if eighth grade will be her last year at home or not -- what will be the best curriculum to prep her for high school either way? I've never used a packaged curriculum for Faith before but feel like I need to now and which one? None seem right for her. And I have little support and no energy. I've been parenting for 25 years and now I am parenting a 13yo girl. God is so laughing! I hope you have a good year, Amy. I'll say a prayer for you!

  3. Praying! But maybe don't keep those books under the bed. They have a tendency to infiltrate your dreams. ;-)


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