Checking Out Colleges

When I started homeschooling, 10 plus years ago, I always imagined that I would send my kids to the high school.  But when the time came... I didn't.  We homeschooled through.  Believe me, there have been struggles!  More than once I wondered what on earth I was thinking.

When Rose started looking into college it was mainly with the intention of staying closer to home.  We visited my Alma Mater only 30 minutes away and for what she wanted to study it was a good fit.  Lily on the other hand has other plans.

She graduated this last February and is moving on.  She has great plans and they all start with culinary school.  So last Monday, three of us hopped into the minivan and made our way to the Oregon coast.

We stopped for breakfast and only took three sips of what had to be one of the worst cups of coffee I had ever encountered, and figured we would find a coffee stand somewhere along the way.

We didn't.

It was getting dire as we drove into town.  After hundred's of miles of fog and questionable visibility, seeing that Human Bean shinning in the sun, the azure sky framing it like a painting, was glorious indeed.  It was a good sign.

We made it to the school and could not help but be impressed.  They had amazing facilities.  We were able to talk with the head of the baking and pastry arts department and watch as people worked towards their finals.  

One of the great things about this program is that they also have a farm to table program.  They have a garden and a huge greenhouse.

They also had a stage kitchen, for presentations and practice for working on camera!

They gave her a free t-shirt and bumper sticker.  Anyone who knows us, knows we will do just about anything for a free t-shirt.

And, to top it all off, the Catholic church is only a few blocks away!

 I have to admit, that I was just as excited as Lily was.  Daisy, who hates cooking, even said the tour made her want to go there!  

It is amazing to think in just a few months I will have two children in college.  Where has the time gone?  You know, there are days where I still question my sanity in regards to about everything homeschooling, but looking back, I am so grateful.  I was given an opportunity to really know my kids and be apart of their lives in a truly special way.

What an amazing journey!

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