Santa Lucia 2014

We are big fans of Saint Lucy around here and look forward to this feast every year.  This last Saturday the kid's were able to go to a huge Advent retreat at church, and our poor Buttercup was in tears when I picked her up because she thought we weren't going to celebrate Saint Lucy Day!

Well, she was wrong.  I had everything laid out for them when they got home and everyone was super excited!

Despite my whole30ish existence these days, I made the kids the traditional Saint Lucy Braided  Bread with icing and cranberries.  They love this and it wasn't too bad as far as temptation goes until I cut it.  That was when I kept thinking... one bite, one bite... but I didn't!  I survived!  I did walk away with a nasty burn on my arm though.  The pan tipped when I took it out of the oven and hit my arm.  I have a lovely 4 inch burn in the shape of the corner of a pan on my forearm.

 It was such a strange day!  Rose and Lily were working, Daisy went to help with the Advent Retreat, and Rogue, Buttercup, and Bear all got to go.  Tony was working.  So it was me with the three littlest.  It was a challenge at times, as you can see above Sweet Pea LOVES Posy A LOT.  It was very weird though, as it occurred to me at one point that this would be what life would be like if all my kids were in school.  It was a bit surreal since it has been over a decade since that was the case, and I have a lot more kids now!

So back to Saint Lucy, we are not morning people anyway, so our evening celebration was nothing new.  But boy, I had a hard time with photos!  I need to work on my skills.  I tried to get some pictures by the tree and every which place but they were all either blurry or made us look like we were on the verge of zombiehood.

But I was able to get a few:

Buttercup was very happy, as you can see in the smiles up there.  I think she looks forward to this as much as any birthday.  And this year I made a crown.  There were no candles in the wreath, but after making paper crowns every year for as long as I can recall, I thought it was time to make something a bit more permanent!  I will see about writing up the pattern later. It was supper easy and I was able to do it really quick while the baby and Tiger took a nap.

After Buttercup passed out the slices of bread, I read to them from Lucia, Saint of Light and they colored the pictures I drew of Saint Lucy years ago.

It was such a simple celebration that brought so much love and joy to everyone.  It really struck me how important it is to celebrate these namedays and how it doesn't have to be anything big or overwhelming.  Just something special and simple was enough to really bring each of them memories that will last a lifetime!

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