{p,h,f,r} Where For Art Thou Autumn?

Joining the gang over at Like Mother, Like Daughter for some {p,h,f,r} fun.


It should be fall.  It isn't.  I would love to post a photo all autumnal and lovely, something to make your heart long for pumpkin spice anything, but bah humbug.  So I will post a picture from LAST fall, just to pretend...

This was actually almost exactly a year ago.  Bare feet mind you, but long sleeves and leaves.  Sigh.  I'm not bitter, I'm not bitter, I'm not bitter...


This story starts sad but ends up happy, trust me.  The kids recently purchased some Angora bunnies, super cheap (they were headed to the doggie treat factory).  Everyone has been fawning over them and loving them.  The sad thing was one of them was not well when we got him.  We had no clue and suddenly he was gone.  There were many tears.  When we realized he was ill we rushed him to the farm where he was born but there was no hope and nothing we could do.

The people were so sorry and so sweet as to give us another rabbit.  Daisy picked out this one.  We think she looks like a Regina... a bit like the evil queen from Once Upon a Time.  :)


We have been praying an eveing rosary as a family (well, whoever is at home, which these days is rarely everyone!) for the National 54 Day Rosary Project.  It has been a huge blessing!  One funny little note is that poor Bear falls alseep almost every night somewhere in the midst of it.  Culred up on the floor or daddy, it doesn't matter.  I guess he finds it very soothing!


Here I am at 37 weeks.  My selfie game is not strong, as my teens would say.  I mean let's just pretend the obvious spots on the mirror are actually some cool effect I added.

Well at my OB appointment yesterday they said this is it.  I am ready to pop.  Due to my age (because I am sooooooo old) and the GD they want to induce me next week.  So say some prayers for me and hopefully this sweet little girl will come on her own, before that??

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