Vacation Bible School 2014

I didn't mean to be MIA, this has been a crazy week.  Maybe I can pull together a daybook soon and tell you all about it!  Part if this week our evenings were taken up with Vacation Bible School.

Tiger's best buddy, his blanket.  He brought it with him on the last day of VBS.  There was no way his buddy was staying home without him that evening.
He did keep it in the car though.
Because of Tony's new work schedule we have had to change parishes.  This one is actually closer to us, but the time was the only one we could make work.  The kids were excited to see what VBS was like at this "new" church.

It was strange for us because they held it in the evenings.  I worried about this because I knew the little ones usually went to bed about the time this one would be almost over.  I generally kept Tiger home except the last day.

It was a blast and everyone was rather excited about the fact they served dinner, especially me!  I only got to go the last night, but I think I picked the best night as it was homemade taquitos.  I controlled my pregnant self but luckily Sweet Pea didn't want hers.

It was a lot of fun and the kids truly enjoyed it.  Now, the focus needs to shift to school.  I can't believe it is almost autumn and there will be a new baby in the house!

Oh and don't forget about today!  It's a Holy Day of Obligation!

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