Our Spring Musical Recitals

 Spring 2014
Last May (I can't believe that is August!), we had some wonderful recitals.  I had promised you back when I talked about forgetting Daisy's confirmation that I would make up for it later.  Well here it is!

Their first recital - Winter 2010
I am finally posting some videos of her wonderful recital.  She has been taking lessons from an incredible talented woman for 4 years now.  We have been so blessed not only to have her as a teacher but as a friend!  Her husband is also a talented musician and he arranges most of the music for the girls.

Here is Daisy doing her solo, Moonlight Sonata.

And I had to share with you this fabulous ensemble that was arranged by Brent Olstad.

We also had another recital!  Rose is going off to university next fall to study music.  For the last few months she has been working with a local woman for singing lessons.  Here is Rose singing Pieta Signore:

I was so proud of both of them!

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