Wooden Peg Saints

Awhile back I told you about how I was repainting some of the kid's peg dolls.  I did some seasonal ones and have recently done some more!  It has taken awhile to get them done since the heat is tending to make my little piggy's swell!  But in the last few weeks I finished some more!

Here are some of the saints I made:

From left to right: Bl. Lucia, Bl. Jacinta, Bl. Francisco, Our Lady of Fatima, Saint Joan of Arc, Saint Margaret of Scotland, Saint Francis, Saint Helen, Immaculate Heart of Mary, Saint Christopher, and Saint Elizabeth of Hungry.

And how about a few fairies:

I was experimenting with faces, here.  I am not to keen on these, lol.  And, of course, the red and orange are missing!

And of course, some pirates:

I have some more plans for some more saints.  I am hoping to start working on them this week.  But there is also a birthday coming up soon and I have been working on a little family and a birthday cake topper that I need to finish!

So I better get to work!

Oh and I just have to share this photo of Tiger with a book Daisy got Tony for his birthday:

Yes. it is called All My Friends Are Dead.  It is a big hit round these parts.

Happy Tuesday, all!

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