May Blitz: Communion and Confirmation

With all my melt downs and such I realized I never posted pictures of Buttercup's First Communion or Daisy's Confirmation.  Oh and you will finally see the finishes Barcole sweater!

Believe me, I suck.  

So here... enjoy!

Doesn't she look nervous?

It was the crowd actually.  She is a bit like her momma.  
"Who are all these people and why are they in my enormous personal bubble?"

I didn't want to post this picture.  Don't need the reminder that I have gained 30 pounds so far this pregnancy.  16 to 18 weeks more to go... Oh yeah, sorry, this is not about me... lol

The perks of being an older sibling?  You get good seats but you have to sit with the kids and make sure they behave.  Daisy is practicing her stern look.

And then... there is CAKE!

Ok, so recall up there when I talked about how much I suck?  Yeah, well here is the proof - the only picture from Daisy's Confirmation:

We were not only late, but I forgot the camera AND my phone.  I took this hideous photo with my husband's phone.  Gotta love the red teeth, can you tell there were red roses on the cake?

I made up for it later at her flute recital.  I will post that soon and hopefully will regain some mom cred.

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