{p,h,f,r} September 12, 2013

I have to admit that about two weeks ago I thought about giving up.  After several weeks of trying to get school going and it seeming to go nowhere, I truly, almost threw in the towel, threw my arms in the air... a lot of throwing.

And then last week came. 


The best purchase so far have been these pretty crayons!  They are amazing!  We only use them for special school work. Journals and other drawing we use plain old crayola.  But their pictures come out so nice with these beeswax crayons.  Usually the kids do their own artwork, but I really loved Mother of Divine Grace's plans for second grade geography, so Buttercup is doing that and, of course, she asks to use the special crayons.


Even the younger set seems to be getting into a routine and a bit happier now.  I do have to admit that Rachel Coleman is my new best friend when things get a bit crazy around here and the little ones need a distraction.  If I keep the volume really low, the older kids don't seem to get wandering eyes.  It is a good thing that most of the dinning room table can't see the TV.  I know, such a bad mama, lol.

But, great puzzles and those teddy bears I mentioned awhile back really help.  Oh and...

...really cool holes in the screen of our window right by the table.  It is perfect for dropping crayons out of.  Hmm, reminds me, I really need to plant something in that front strip there...  Anyway!


Not sure how the teens are feeling about all this new focus...  get your math done, silly!


We are actually getting real work done around here!

We are all starting to feel a sense of accomplishment as lessons are getting done and done well!

We have even had time for afternoon tea- well, most days!

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