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I am kicking off my week dedicated to BACK TO HOMESCHOOL with this post on learning to read!  Come back tomorrow for a look at our curriculum this year and more in the coming days!

Learning to read does not have to be hard and there are so many wonderful programs right here on the internet {for free} to help you!  It doesn't have to be hard and when looking at what other people have done, remember, you don't have to do it all!  The lesson is to teach your child the basic sound of a letter so you can help them start to read.  In 26 weeks, or less, really, with some easy readers like Fun Tales or Bob Books, Set 1: Beginning Readers.  Whatever you do to enforce the sound while making it fun will be a great tool in making your child a life long reader.

Have a book basket with books that emphasize the letter of the week.  Do this on Sunday night!  And put it out for the kids to find in the morning.

Split your week up however you want.  This is generally how I have done it in the past:


Introduce the letter.  Use alphabet books.  Here are some of our favorites:

Talk about things that start with that letter.  See if your child can think of some things.  Make up some easy Alphabet pages.  I have been known to just take a sharpie and make a big bubble letter for them to fill in.  But you can also find great alphabet coloring pages here:

Keep all their coloring pages and collages in their very own three ring binder.  You will be creating their very own alphabet book!


Hero of the week!  Find someone worthy of honor: a saint, a relative, a Bible hero, a historical figure, anyone!  Put it in their alphabet book!

A great resource for coloring pages of saints are:


Crafts!  You don't have to do anything big or expensive.  You could make a collage out of old magazines with things that start with the letter of the week!  This can be easy and inexpensive.  Or go for it and do something wild!  Whatever your wild imagination can think up, or check out the links at the end of this post to get some great ideas.  You might also want to either make or help your kids make some Alphabet dolls!


Tea party, anyone?  Again, this can be extravagant or as simple as you want.  We try to do healthier options because of food issues in our house.  Simple make up some decaf tea, perhaps a chai or herbal tea.  I usually do half milk or almond milk, half tea, especially for the younger crowd.  Then do something alphabet themed.  For A Week make ants on a log!  E Week?  How about deviled eggs?


We don't usually do school on Fridays.  I like to try to do a deep house cleaning on Friday mornings and spend the rest of that day following our hearts desires.  But this is a good day just to review, too.  Look over the book you are creating.  Play with alphabet puzzles or magnets.  Just relaxed and fun.  Maybe you couldn't do something earlier in the week.  Do it on Friday!

Here are some photos from our past Alphabet weeks:

Buttercup painting A!

H is for hat!
W is for Where the Wild Things Are!

One last note, it doesn't matter how much you do or even if you have to skip something.  What matters is that you all have fun.  Create a lifetime of alphabet memories!

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