Summer Reading List

I have been reading.  Reading a lot.  I have missed reading and so it has been a pleasure to get to delve into a bunch of great writers and feel inspired once again!

Most of my reading has been about education lately.  I have a degree in English and Writing with an emphasis in education (mostly middle to high school level).  I also can now say I have homeschooled every grade.  So I guess, education is my thing.

After watching several fascinating videos by one of my new heroes Sir Kenneth Robinson, I decided to get my hands on some books and look more into modern educational theory, but also into more of the old stuff, too!

I was surprised to find that so much of what was being said by great minds like Charlotte Mason are being reiterated in this same century by other great minds like Gatto, Holt, Robinson, and more.

Anyway, I thought I would share with you my summer reading list for the homeschool mom.  Some inspiration to get you motivated!
I have also started a new playlist on You tube of great videos on Education.  Here are some of my favorites, other than the one above.

And look how cool this is!!! Waldorf Math looks amazing...

And just in case you think I have become a total bore, I am hoping to get some fiction reading in too!
 From the Kitchen of Half Truth
 The Newlyweds

 I also plan on watching some Bollywood this summer. We watched this the other day and it was a hoot!

There you have it! So have a fun and educational summer! *Smile*

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