Mercy Flights

Yesterday we took a break (in the morning) from spring cleaning to go on a really cool field trip with our new homeschool group.  We got to vist Mercy Flights.  Mercy Flights is a non-profit organization with provides emergency and non-emergency transport for people in medical need at a low cost.  You can even get a membership and be able to get the transport for free!

A very wonderful woman and her husband set up the tour for our group and the kids had an amazing time.

We got to pop in the dispatch room and see what they do.  They told us it takes an ability to multi-task.  I can only imagine!  Look at all screens they have to watch and then talk to people and keep them calm while waiting for emergency services?  Really an amazing job.

The Mercy Flights team keeps a few airplanes and helicopters for flights out of our area to the bigger cities where care might be needed.  In fact we would have been eligible for a ride home after Daisy's heart surgery a few years ago.  At the time I felt like I would be taking advantage but I wish we had.  The 4 to 5 hour ride home from Portland was really hard on her.

There was our wonderful leader and a homeschool dad to boot!  He gave us a great tour.  
Thank you!!

Everyone got a turn peeking into a plane and a helicopter.

Since we were a large group that meant there was a bit of waiting, which was not easy for some...

The floor looked clean, so no point in making a fuss, right?

Then the kids all got to walk through an ambulance.  I thought I would skip it.  I have been in an ambulance once after dislocating my knee in high school.  It wasn't fun.

A little blurry, sorry.

At the very end the amazing tour guide gave two kids a "picture" of their heart!  Basically a portable EKG machine.  And all the kids got to go home with the sticky sensors.  I offered one to a lovely teen, suggesting she could wear it on the middle of her forehead.  She smiled... I think she was just humoring a weird lady.

It really was an amazing time.  It was great to meet new people and see some friends, too!  When we got home, and before I tackled my room, the kids were all abuzz with what they learned.  I quickly learned what Rogue's favorite part was..

He designed a color page for everyone!
Field trips like these are such a pleasure.  They inspire the kids to not only learn more but also to show them what opportunities there are out there.  Especially something like Mercy Flights that can help so many and do such good.

Thank you Mercy Flights!

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