Flooding the Nile

We are truly starting to get into the groove with school now.  I am finally feeling like things are starting to flow.  I am still struggling with time though.  I want to make sure the kids have plenty of free play every day, so some things aren't fitting in as much as I would like but we are getting there!

I am a firm believer in trying to keep things simple.  I know that if I try to overdo it, it won't get done.  There is a lot on our plates, especially right now, to make things too complicated!  So we didn't go crazy fancy with this but the kids LOVE it.

I got one of those tin pans at the store and filled it with dirt.  We shaped the Nile (don't forget the delta!), lined it in foil, and then some rocks to keep the our Nile in place.  We proceeded to sprinkle grass seed over the dirt area.  You will see our rock up there?  That is to symbolize the mountains from which the flood waters come.

And then the FLOOD.

We have been flooding it every week now for three weeks and we are getting some vegetation!  Apparently a nomadic teddy bear counter has settled in the region, but is too close to the flood plain.

One thing that is great about a lot of these projects is that they do span the ages.  Big kids and little kids can all help and do them.  Even toddlers can get in on the fun!

We will be flooding it again today.  The kids remind me every few days, not to forget!

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