Middle School World Studies

Many eons ago I took a college course on teaching a social studies and literature unit to middle schoolers.  It really was one of my favorite courses and it stuck with me after all these years.

For Daisy's 7th grade social studies I thought I would have her do it!  I changed it, of course, to fit our needs and to add our Catholic faith into the mix.  I think this could easily work for and of the middle school grades (6th -8th) and even early high school by simply changing the literature.

What you will need:
For each month your child is assigned a continent.  There will be certain things they are expected to do every week.  I did not assign a lot of readings or saints.  There is a lot of freedom in this.  If your student wants to do more, go for it!  I only assign one book for the country because I really think at this age freedom in what they read is so important.  It is a time when you can create a life-long reader.  If they are forced to read book after book of what you tell them they have to read, they will resist.  Of course, have books in mind because more than likely they will come to you for ideas about what to read!

Make sure you go to the library every month and check out as many books as you can about the chosen countries and continents..  Let your child do the picking!

Here are the fiction titles I recommend (be sure to check the library!):

I could not find a fiction book for Australia... if you do, let me know!!

Without further ado, print this out as an outline for your student:

And the Fact Sheet:

Knit Together- World Fact Sheet

By the end of May your middle schooler will have created there very own geography book.  Something that they can cherish all their lives!

Most of all: Have fun!!

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