Alphabet All The Time ~ G Week!

IMG_9593Ah glorious, we have finished G week and so it is now time to get going and get sharing!

A Few Books from our G Week Basket:

Goldilocks Returns
The Real Mother Goose

Don't worry if you don't get to all the books in your basket either.  One of the things we do with the kids when things get a little nutty is call out "Quiet Reading Time!"  In our book basket I have two collections books, one is The 20th-Century Children's Book Treasury.  I also add a few books like Usborne Time Traveler.  They dig into that book basket and make little nests out of our living room pillows and look at their books.  It doesn't always matter if they "read" them or not.  Just looking at books will help promote, encourage, and teach them reading.  One of my best readers, Rose, as a 5 year old carried around a tattered old copy of Alice in Wonderland.  She couldn't "read" it, but boy did she think she was!



One of our favorite authors is Sarah Stewart.  The Gardener was perfect for G week!  So we read this great little book about a girl who had to go live in the city with her uncle during he depression.  While there she creates an amazing garden.


After our story we sat down and designed (on paper) a garden.  Depending on what time of year you find yourself doing G week, you could actually make a real garden.

Since it is getting cold and I am quite a lot pregnant, we settled for a nice indoor herb garden!


check out that baby belly

And there are our herb pots.  Don't look at my dirty window.  We planted parsley, cilantro, and basil (one of my favorites).  We put sandwich bags over the top to create a kind of greenhouse.  We also plan to do a little nature study by watching out plants and maybe sketching them as they grow bigger and bigger (or so I hope!!).


G Week Tea:

Ideally I would have liked to make a dragon cake for the kids to slaughter like Saint George...

Last time we got to do this was 2008!  Maybe this year for the feast of Saint George?
That is Rogue!  Look how small he is... sniffle...
...but seeing as this momma is putting on a bit too much weight this pregnancy (sigh) I opted for something a little bit healthier.


Graham Crackers and Grapes!


I skipped on the crackers.  (sigh)

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