Alphabet All The Time ~ E Week

IMG_8025E week took us about 3 weeks!!  Can you believe that?  Between doctor's appointments, sacramental prep meetings, CCD, Cub Scouts and ever so much more our lives have slowly not become ours!!  Not quite sure how to change this, other than I am really starting to miss the slow days which seem to have run away.

Other than our handwriting sheet, we focused on a lot of fun E things!

A Few Books in our E book basket:
The Little Engine That Could
Earth Alive!
The EARTH Book (This book was maybe a little silly -- there was something about putting your underwear in the freezer to keep cool -- but the kids really loved the colors and pictures)

There are many things that start with E but we focused on a few things in particular like the Earth and Eggs!

We watched March of the Penguins.  It was so cute to see the kids running around with my old Opus doll looking for things they could use as eggs for the daddy penguin to sit on!


We also studied the Earth!  Other than a mountain of books about the Earth we checked out from the library, I had them color this page.  We talked about where on the planet we live.  Looked at the Solar System to check out where Earth was in the line up.  One of the books we used the most was from our Explore and Learn collection: Earth and Space.


We read from the bible a few quotes on how we are commanded by God to be stewards over the Earth and to look after its care.  Here are some of the Bible Quotes:

Genisis 1:26-31
Leviticus 25:23-24
Ezekiel 34:2-4
Ezekiel 34:17-18

Then we a made a list of some of the things we can do to help take care of the home God gave us:

1. Always Clean Up
      ~ “Always leave a place nicer than when you came.”
             Pick up garbage even if it isn’t yours!

2. Recycle!
     ~ Paper
     ~ glass
     ~ metal

3. Food
     ~ Give leftovers to the chickens
     ~ Make a compost pile

4. Water
     ~ When you brush your teeth make sure you turn off the water
     ~ Don’t take long showers

5. Animals
     ~Keep water clean for the fish
     ~ Feed animals only the food that is good for them
     ~ Don’t kill or harm animals unless you are using them for food.
          +Never take more than your fair share so that there is enough for others
            to have food and also so that animals can have babies for the future!


For our list I just took some colored paper and these little Earth pictures.  When I glued on our list I hung it in a place where the kids can see it often.  Make sure they share with others especially family memebers what they learned and see if you can get them to help!

E Week Tea
For our tea we had:

See my "E,"  well, I tried, lol.
Egg Salad Sandwiches and I wanted to make Edible Eagles, but it just didn't happen.  But they look so terribly yummy!


Happy learning!!

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