Alphabet All the Time: A Week


This year my goal is to be well prepared for our journey through the alphabet.  I want it to be fun but NOT overwhelming!  So I have decided to plan, plan, plan.  That way when the assigned week pops up all I have to do is open the plans and get to it!  Then I thought I ought to share them all with you, too.  This will all be mostly aimed for Buttercup who is now 5 years old, but I am trying to not make it too girly so her brothers can play along if they want.

While I loved our journey down the alphabet path in the past, I wanted this time to be a little more changeable.  I wanted to be able to pick different saints, according to our favorites, saint days, and ones we have incredible books for.

I organized it all up so that we have only one activity a day:

  • Monday: Letter Introduction
  • Tuesday: Person of the Week
  • Wednesday: Activity or Craft
  • Thursday: Tea (which will be more like a snack with style)

Handwriting Page:

Mauscript A Page


The lighting is a little off, but I have her trace the letter with her finger while making the short "A" sound.  Then with a crayon or pencil she writes the letter.
I would love to get a set of sandpaper letters for them!  Maybe someday...

Just Some of the Books in Our Basket:


Brother Bartholomew and the Apple Grove

Apples to Oregon


Apple Print T-shirts!


After covering the table with newspaper or paper bags, we grabbed some fabric paint (you can also use acrylic paints) and squirted some out on some paper plates.

We found some plain white t-shirts at the dollar store.  We cut up a box and placed some cardboard inside, so the paint won't leak through to the back.


We cut some apples in half and put them face down on a towel to soak up some of the juice.  


I then found some obliging kiddos in my front yard and put something on them to keep them from getting paint on their clothes.


We smooshed apples in paint, handed them to the kids and let them go wild.


Well, not too wild, unless you like cleaning.

Buttercup's shirt

I hung the shirts from an apple tree (if you don't have one it is ok, totally not a requirement) and let them dry.

Rogue's Shirt

Some other ides for A Week fun:
  • Visit an Aquarium
  • Accordian Fold-out Cards 
  • Visit an orchard and pick apples
  • Tour a business that starts with A, like Albertsons.
A Week Tea:


Apple Cider
Apple slices with Cheese
Ants on a Log



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