Alphabet Dolls

So about a week ago I shared with you all a little sneak peak at something I was making.  I was so glad that I was able to get them done as an Easter present for the little ones (while also working on other things, too!).

The kids were so thrilled!  Which in turn thrilled me!  I was thinking about making a few little saint dolls for them with some of the wooden pegs I had, but as I was starting to paint them all, it occured to me, just how fun it would be to make them into LETTERS!

You can see I was a little sloppy, lol, but they were fun.  Next year, more like this summer, we are going to be starting up the alphabet path again.  I thought they would be fun to use along the path.  

Usually one of the tools I use for teaching reading is an alphabet puzzle.  We learn the sounds and once they have mastered that I work on putting the letters together to form words.  These dolls are perfect for this!  And the kids really had a ton of fun forming words with these litter people!

Now my only concern is making sure we don't loose any!!  I figure I will have to make some more to replace missing ones or letters we use more than others.  Hubby even suggested that I get smaller ones and make lower case letters too.

I think everyone enjoyed them!  And although the bigger ones weren't sharing much with Miss Sweet Pea, she grabbed the large Jesus doll I made and played with him instead.

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